Prof. Kaan Cebesoy EMREGÜL

Ankara University, TR

Prof. Kaan C. EMREGÜL got his PhD diploma in Physical Chemistry-Elecctochemistry/Corrosion in 1998 from researches dedicated to the corrosion behavior of aluminium in chromates, molybdates and tungstates. He was appointed Assoc. Prof. in 2004 and full Prof. in 2010. His expertise is in the fields of electrochemistry, corrosion and bioelectrochemistry especially in the field of development of corrosion inhibitors and development of biosensors. At present Prof. Emregül’s research field has shifted to theoretical research especially in both the development and evaluation of inhibitor compounds and biomaterials. He has authored over 50 papers in international journals. 


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Prof. Jean-Francois GERARD 


Prof. Jean-François GERARD got his PhD diploma in Polymer Science in 1985 from researches dedicated to syntheses of zwitterionic polyurethanes from sulfobetainic diols for self-emulsifying systems. He joined in 1986 CNRS as permanent scientist and his expertise deals with interfaces in polymer-based materials and nanostructured polymers. He is author of about 240 papers in international journals and 110 invited lectures in international conferences. He acts also as vice-president of the European Center for Nanostructured Polymers) and President of the European Polymer Federation.


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Prof. Altin GJEVORI 

Polytechnic University of Tirana, AL

Academic staff Polytechnic University of Tirana. Bulevardi "Dëshmorët e Kombit", Sheshi "Nënë Teresa" 4. 1000 Tirana, Albania Visiting Professor University “A. Xhuvani” Elbasan. Rruga Ismail Zyma, 3001 Elbasan, Albania State University of Tetova, Tetova, Macedonia Academic staff University “A. Xhuvani” Elbasan. Rruga Ismail Zyma, 3001 Elbasan, Albania,






Prof. Hatem MAJDOUB

FSM University, TN

Prof. Hatem Majdoub got his PhD diploma in Chemistry in 2001 from researches dedicated to rheological study and physicochemical characterization of polysaccharides extracted from Opuntia Ficus Indica. He is a Director of the Department of Chemistry, Faculty of Sciences of Monastir and a head of the team biopolymers and application of the Laboratory of Interfaces and Advanced Materials. He is author of about 60 papers in international journals and 3 patents. He acts also as vice-president of the Tunisian Chemical Society.


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Prof. Maria RUBINO

Michigan State University, USA

Dr. Maria Rubino is a Professor in the School of Packaging and has been at Michigan State University since 2004. Maria also has over 15 years of industrial experience working as a scientist in chemical and food companies.  Her research is focused on the mass transfer of vapors, gases and additives in polymer materials and packaging systems, and on developing packaging strategies that will contribute to the overall safety of foods and pharmaceutical products. She teaches courses on packaging permeability and shelf life and the application of instrumental analysis for packaging.


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Prof. Turgay SEÇKİN

Inonü University, TR

He is a chemist researcher working at the Department of Chemistry, Faculty of arts and Sciences at, İnönü University (Malatya Turkey). In his research activity, he applies the physico-chemical concepts underlying macromolecular concepts of  nature of polymeric materials to understand and predict the structure and properties of materials both theoretical and technological significance. Since the doctoral studies completed at Oregon State University (USA) and İnönü University Graduate School of Applied Sciences (Turkey), his interests have been focussing on the synthesis of polymers,  polymer-like micelles (organogels), supramolecules and sol-gel materials. Currently, he is involved in several key research topics in the field of polymer science, such as design and physicochemical characterization of novel nanocarriers for drug delivery and magnetic and arheological response of these materials.

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